Escorts Vs Real Life Girlfriends: Feel the Difference

Every man on this planet wants to date someone with whom they can spend the rest of their life, but dating scene has changed a lot and girls have changed too. Gone the days where two people were meant for one another and they used to stay happy. Now, men and women need more from life. They need new and exciting things to experience and nobody wants to settle down with only a single person. So, today we are going to compare escort girls and real life girlfriends, so that you can decide which one is better.

  • The nagging behavior – One thing that upsets most men is the nagging behavior of girls. Girlfriends are always nagging and they are so demanding that you will get fed up of their demands. They always want to buy new things, and their shopping never ends. If you don’t want a nagging girl, then hiring an escort is the best thing for you. Escort girls will ask for anything else apart from the fee. This is the prime reason why men often tend to hire escorts rather than finding a girlfriend.
  • Erotic pleasures – Some people believe that girlfriends are the best in terms of erotic pleasures, but let us tell you that normal women don’t have enough experience, whereas escorts are professionally trained in pleasing men. What these escorts can provide is simply the best and normal girlfriends will never be able to do such things with you. Hence, escort girls are the best if you are seeking a girl for erotic pleasures.
  • Manipulating – Girls are very manipulating especially when they are in a relationship. They simply want the man to change their way of living as per their partner’s wish. They won’t let you smoke or drink and they won’t let you do anything you enjoy the most in your life. They will constantly trouble you if you are not acting as per their preferences. But escort girls are not like that. They simply want you to be you. They will never force you to change your ways or habits. In fact they will join you if you are drinking. This is the reason why escorts are always a better option.
  • Mood fluctuation – Girlfriends are always having various moods to display. Sometimes they are hot and sometimes they are clingy. You can never predict when they will love you and when they will start hating you. This is the reason why most men stay unhappy because they don’t really know how their partner is going to react. Hence, they always rely on escort girls who are always in the mood to enjoy with men. Just hire them and stop worrying about anything else in life.

So, as you can see that girlfriends are always going to give you troubles and if you are looking for a stress free life, then its better to hire an escort girl and enjoy with her. These girls are simply amazing and totally professional.

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